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An example of how the Chinese used the decimal system may be seen in an inscription from the thirteenth century BC, in which '547 days' is written 'Five hundred plus four decades plus seven of days'.

The Chinese wrote with characters instead of an alphabet.

This is demonstrated by early measuring rulers dating back as far as the 6th century BC.

This place holding or place notation was much easier than inventing a new character for each number (imagine having to memorize an enormous number of characters just to read the date! Having a decimal system from the beginning was a big advantage in making mathematical advances.

Thousand years of history has left China precious treasure of art.

Traditional Chinese arts are expressed in the forms of painting, calligraphy, music, dancing, opera, gardening, sculpture and traditional dressings.

Each strip was about 7 to 12 millimeters wide and up to half a meter long, and had a vertical line of ancient Chinese calligraphy painted on it in black ink.

Historians realized that the bamboo pieces constituted 65 ancient texts and recognized them to be among the most important artifacts from the period.

Calligraphy, literally 'beautiful writing', is one of the traditional four arts dating back to the earliest days in China.

The geography of ancient China is often described by geologists in a system of three steps: The first step is to the far west near present day Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) (Tibet or Xizang for short).

With the highest mountains on earth the climate is quite cold and in the summer quite warm.

The influence of Chinese civilization also spread to most its neighboring regions predominantly Japan, Korea, Mongolia and Vietnam.

The present-day China culture is still marked by this continual evolution but now China is part of the globalized human civilization.

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