Mysql manager of pid file quit without updating fi

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basedir= datadir= # The following variables are only set for letting mysql.server find things.# Set some defaults pid_file= server_pid_file= use_mysqld_safe=1 user=mysql if test -z "$basedir" then basedir=/var/lib/mysql bindir=./bin if test -z "$datadir" then datadir=/var/lib/mysql fi sbindir=./bin libexecdir=./bin else bindir="$basedir/bin" if test -z "$datadir" then datadir="$basedir/data" fi sbindir="$basedir/sbin" libexecdir="$basedir/libexec" fi # If the manager pid_file doesn't exist, try the server's if test -s "$pid_file" then mysqlmanager_pid=`cat $pid_file` echo $echo_n "Shutting down My SQL" kill $mysqlmanager_pid # mysqlmanager should remove the pid_file when it exits, so wait for it.Ahora vamos a crear otro superusuario llamado ferdy que tendrá todos los privilegios, y que podrá conectar desde cualquier sitio: DELETE FROM user WHERE user = 'pedro'; Pedro habrá desaparecido de nuestro sistema My SQL.[UPDATE 20] There MAY be a 10.6 installer for My SQL.Before engaging in this tutorial you might want to check with a more traditional install procedure that comes with the newest version of mysql.

[UPDATE] It appears that a 10.5 friendly version of mysql has been released.

Keep in mind that this is my attempt at a new install of My SQL on my newly acquired Mac Book Pro (MBP hereinafter).

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# If you change base dir, you must also change datadir.

These may get # overwritten by settings in the My SQL configuration files.

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