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At the same time, society was restructuring, with the labouring classes dividing into artisans and labourers.The cities offered labourers housing in tenement blocks, rookeries and lodging houses, and philanthropic societies turned their attention towards them.The club is talking to coaches about next season, so it seems likely the current coaching team of Sean Lineen and John Dalziel, on secondment from the SRU, will return to Scotland on a full-time basis this summer.Whoever heads up the new coaching team will have their work cut out since, as things stand, the club have no players signed up on any basis, full or part time, for next season.Lynch has been president since 2001 and a loyal servant to the club.His dual role as president/chief executive will be split with former player Carson Russell taking on the chief executive role and, while the club’s new regime-in-waiting has an ex-Scotland international in mind, the new president must be approved by the popular vote of the club members at the summer AGM.However, the new regime are determined to live within their means and see the future as a semi-pro set-up with a mix of full-time, part-time and dual-registered players as well as young hopefuls farmed out from Murrayfield.The changing of the guard will see the long-serving Rod Lynch step down from his dual role as president and chief executive, the latter he only took up two years ago after Kenny Baillie joined British Rowing.

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Then, as now, south London was at the cutting edge of innovation. Architect Michael Searles (a Greenwich man) may well have been inspired by the pair of houses built in Blackheath in 1776 by Thoman Gayfere and John Groves, both of Westminster.

Pevsner/Cherry in their book, London 2: South, give the Gayfere/Groves houses the accolade.

It is a credit which we at the Blackheath Society will stoutly defend.

Smith in 1834 wrote "this species of cottage can be built cheaper than two single ones, and, in general, these double cottages are found to be warmer and fully as comfortable as single ones".

While there had been a huge increase in the population of the rural counties there was a greater shift in the population from the impoverished land to the large towns and London.

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