Finn and rachel dating

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's upcoming fifth season, which was due to go into production this month.

" -- plus songs that served the story lines), other parts ( dose of April Rhodes drinking jokes? (I don't want to know how many of you are already irritated.) OK, no, really, I'll stop now. Key links in the chain (last one, stopping now):1) Brittany's Fondue For Two!Here's our analysis of the good and the bad of Glee's intended send-off: For a show that pushed the "Life Isn't Perfect" mantra to its breaking point so many times, this ending might be too textbook for us to be satisfied in longterm.It almost feels like it wouldn't fit into the empire that Murphy built on a foundation of dysfunction."But today, Rachel Berry's going to put her own feminine twist on it." And she does -- singing right to a not-unreceptive-looking Finn, who's accompanying her on drums, and ticking off Quinn. 3) At last, a recession story line (better late than never -- or was there one I'm forgetting?): Finn's and Rachel's cheap-motel stakeout leads to the revelation that Sam's father has lost his job and his family has lost their home to foreclosure.

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