Uber centenarian dating

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2, 1953, Kathryn and John Bond's youngest daughter, Kristin, was the first baby to be baptized at North End Lutheran Mission, which became Haven Lutheran Church. Kathryn Bond, with daughter Karen, is on the far right.

The Bond family is on the right, with John Bond holding Kristin.

The latest study shows centenarians are more likely to die of pneumonia and frailty and less likely to succumb to the chronic conditions often associated with old age, such as cancer or heart disease, compared to those under 100.

Active almost exclusively in the German-speaking world from the mid-1930s, he was a controversial figure for his actions during the Second World War and his success in Nazi Germany.

Nir Barzilai, who leads the Einstein longevity research efforts, and with four study participants whose diverse and compelling stories will inspire you. Nir Barzilai Personal Profiles: Lilly Port: Age 96 Longevity and Longenity Information and preliminary results of Einstein's search for longevity genes in the Jewish Ashkenazi population and genotypes and phenotypes for exceptional longevity. Information about the "founder effect" and the historically unique Ashkenazi Jewish population.

We invite you to view all of the videos and leave comments. Publications Results from the Lon Genity and Longevity studies.

The identification of longevity genes by Einstein researchers could lead to new drug therapies that might help people live longer, healthier lives and avoid or significantly delay age-related diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

The Longevity Genes Project Video Series This video series includes informative interviews with Dr.

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