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It consistently dies in the House, where the education chairman believes the decision is best left to local officials. Jean Leising of Oldenburg, suggests learning cursive will help students read old documents and retain information.She asks if it’s a local issue if there are state students who “can’t write.” State school officials decided to make cursive lessons optional in 2011.

Almost without exception, clients come to lawyers in order to determine their rights and what is, in the complex of laws and regulations, deemed to be legal and correct.

Some times of the year are harder than others.“Over the winter, I had a very hard time keeping up,” said Woytsek .

“One month, I would pay the electric, the next month, I would pay the water.

The appropriate lawful ground will be that which the parties agree upon and can substantiate, or that which the filing spouse desires to prove to the court.

The dissolution of marriage grounds are as follows: Irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.

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