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God is calling you to BELIEVE for greater things, and He wants to use YOU.

One of the premier voices being heard to proclaim God’s Word is evangelist Robert Madu II.

Love Like Jesus provides relevant and practical tips for those who want to spread their passion for Jesus to their neighbors and the world.

Judah Smith emphasizes that telling others about Jesus comes with challenges, and he provides effective solutions designed to overcome fear and uncertainty. Content true to Bible teachings and relevant to today's concerns.

At a young age, his unique gifting and powerful anointing has catapulted him to the forefront of evangelistic ministry today.

Robert travels both nationally and internationally ministering to several churches, youth groups, and schools through dynamic preaching and drama.

Judah and Chelsea Smith are the Lead Pastors of The City Church in Seattle, Washington.I want to spend just a few moments with you sharing from the Bible.I'm going to start in Exodus 33, and I'd like us to consider the glory of God and its implications in your life as a leader, and most importantly as a follower of Christ. I believe if in fact that statement is true, you will leave here tonight with a surplus, the overwhelming fact and truth that you will leave hear tonight with everything you need for living and leading and pastoring. And if you really love them you will know their rules and abide by them, and then they will feel loved. And women are under no obligation to tell you when the rules change.They're secular." Gentlemen, what you have to know about date night is that there is always a score and if you score high enough, you score. Maybe you'll notice that Moses' request was not fully granted by God. It was in Jesus that we got the full answer to Moses' request.Relevant and practical tips for those who want to spread their passion for Jesus.

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