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Not to mention this site is filled with fat, dirty old men. He was a poster child for the expression "thirsty" and actually started touching himself under the table!! A free trip isn't worth your safety and dignity! Unless you are a hooker I don't recommend this site.Unlike other sugar daddy sites, this one is for guys who are visiting town so there's absolutely no chance of an ongoing relationship.

So again you send them the cancellation confirmation they sent you and finally throw a tantrum, letting them have it because 1) all you had to do l was look at my two e-mails so far that show your own note; 2) And what is this lie about transferring my profile, since you say it never was where I put it to begin with, and which I completely extinguished (or so the record says) before they transferred it.

I completely 100% have no doubt that there are a ton of fake female profiles out there and scammers.

With that being said I am a hot, normal, classy, REAL woman that will never use this sight ever again!! It would be pretty awesome if there was a single guy on MT that treated the sight for its actual purpose. I'm sure the reason they don't just go rent one for a week is because they're cheap! By tricking an unsuspected regular girl into hooking for free essentially they're saving thousands I'm sure.

So since they are so easy to spot but are so plentiful I can't imagine they are actually trying to do anything about it, more likely they are site sponsored as many here have suggested.

The best part is on the page where you can report people there is a warning that YOU might get banned for reporting too many people.

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