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New Delhi: The admission for Non-Collegiate Women's Education Board (NCWEB) will commence from June 1, along with the other undergraduate courses of Delhi University .

This year, the candidates will register via the centralised online registration .

The option for NCWEB will also be available in the online form.She is trailed by three men who seek the powerful divine object of the Shri Chakra.Rajeshwari in her attempt to protect the object loses her life in the inner sanctum of the Goddess’s shrine, vowing to never worship Goddess Mahamayai.This, incidentally, is the first short story that I ever wrote. Does help bring Menka & Jeetu together with technology driven Matchmaking website? I originally wrote Rahat Mili for an anthology; Rahat means ‘relief’ and is a name too. Nikita wants Krish for a friend and not her husband.Read the story with the word in mind and it will fall in place. Reema’s Matchmakers brings Arjun and Prisha together at a get-together through a matchmaking network. As The Reluctant Bride she manages to have her cake and eat it too. Shweta Ka Swayamvar is inspired by the practice of Swayamwar in ancient India of choosing a husband, from among a list of suitors, by a girl of marriageable age. Pappa’s Girl is about daughters of Industrialists taking over fathers’ businesses. Mythology romances intrigue me; Love Match For Velan is my take on Lord Murugan falling in love with his consort Valli.

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